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Bosch Injector set 550cc - NEW Multi hole Set of 4

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Bosch Injector set 550cc - NEW Multi hole Set of 4

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Direct Fitment in Place of the original Ford Focus RS and ST Injectors

Original Ford / Volvo spray pattern characteristics

Excellent response characteristics from the multi hole design

High Impedance comparability with all stock Ford/Volvo/Bosch ECU

Better fuel economy than the single-hole disc 'custom machined' types.

Epic larger injectors for the Focus RS mk2, Volvo 5 cylinder and many more cars.

Bosch direct replacement injectors for all the Ford Focus RS and ST power seekers looking for 450+bhp with the same spray pattern characteristics as OE 500cc units !!!!!

These Higher Flow 550cc Bosch Injectors utilize a multi-orifice tip for improved mixture preparation and atomization. This results in lower Fuel Consumption per BHP and better idle quality than many single-hole disc 'custom machined' pencil stream injectors with less flow.

Specifications: Coil Resistance: 12 Ohms  

Spray Pattern: Wide Split Cone, (6 orifice)

Electrical Connector: USCAR (New-style V=EV6 / Oval / LS2)

Static Flow Rate @ 43.5PSI (300kPa)