SAAB 900NG 9-3 9-5 9000 B204 B234 B205 B235 2.0 2.3 Stainless Side Mount / Side Winder Gearbox Tubular Manifold

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Custom Made

SAAB 900NG 9-3 9-5 9000 B204 B234 B205 B235 2.0 2.3 Stainless Side Mount / Side Winder Gearbox Tubular Manifold

Will fit all SAAB B2*4 B2*5 engines

Ultra Compact, just 190mm from head flange!! 

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£ 695.00

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Limited edition so Limited numbers available!

Fully designed and tested for 100% performance in mind. 

Arguably the best side gearbox mount for SAAB available. Best performing and looking, designed with our extensive experience with top motor sport racing and research from our BTCC and Rally fabrication work

Customise-able, removable and adjustable goose neck for unlimited turbo and waste gate fitments and positions.

Fully designed and tested for 100% performance in mind. Modifications needed, i.e slim fan, custom inter cooler pipe work etc

Turbo position makes the down pipe straight from the turbo and turns 90 degrees at sump. Optimising down pipe design and flow. Could not be easier to make as well!

Standard turbo position, places the turbo with compressor facing gearbox side wing, angling upwards slightly. Over the front of the gearbox. Exit of turbo faces directly at the exhaust cut out on the engines sump. Custom positions can be agreed before ordering.


Stock Fan**

Stock Power steering and bracket

Perfectly in the engine bay (up to gt35/hy35 frame turbo)

Expected modifications:

Exhaust Down pipe

Turbo Oil and water Lines

Fan (depending on turbo and waste gate)

Inter cooler pipe to turbo

Turbo In take

Our best quality stainless steel fittings.  Partnered with our own designed quality flanges

Will take up to a GT35 or Holset 36 size Turbo

3mm thick wall and 304T grade Stainless Steel

Can be made to fit a wide range of turbos, from

Garrett T25 T28 GT17 GT28 GTX28 GT30 GTX30 GT35 GTX35, 

Garrett G25-550 AND G25-660


And many more 

Choice of turbo flanges

Garrett and Borgwarner T2 / T25

Garrett and Borgwarner T3 single and twinscroll

Garrett and Borgwarner T4, single and twinscroll

Garrett GT28 V band

Garrett GT30 and GT35 V band

Garrett G25 and G30

Borgwarner VBand

and many more on special request

Choice of external waste gate ports:

38mm MVS Tial V band

44MM MVR Tial V band

40mm Turbosmart V band

45mm Turbosmart V band

2 bolt Tial and Turbosmart

Others at request

Specified 12mm thick steel flanges resistant to warp. Stainless flanges are unstable with heat. V band flanges are a high grade stainless steel resistant to heat

Collectors welded inside and out for ultimate strength

Ports also welded inside for a smooth transition

1.25" sch 10 pipe heat treated for ultimate stability and caters for up to approx 700bhp

Option of cast collector on GT30, GT35 G25 and G30 models

Lifetime Warranty