Healtech Gear Indicator Gipro DS GPDS-S01

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For use with the following SUZUKI motorcycles:

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£ 99.99

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GSX-R600 (2004-2005), GSX-R750 (2004-2005), GSX-R1000 (2003-2004), 
GSX1400 (2004-2009), SV650 (2003-2010), SV1000 (2003-2009), DL650 V-Strom
(2004-2010), DL1000 V-Strom (2004-2010), GSF650 Bandit (2007-2010), GSF1250
Bandit (2007-2010), GSX650F (2008-2010),
Boulevard C109R/T (2008-2010), M109R (2006-2010), M109R2 (2008-2010), C50
(2005-2010), C90 (2005-2010), M50 (2005-2010), M90 (2009-2010)
Intruder C1800R (2008-2010), M1800R (2006-2010), M1800R2 (2008-2010), C800
(2005-2010), M800 (2005-2010), C1500 (2005-2009), M1500 (2009-2010)
VL800 Intruder Volusia (2005-2010), VL1500 Intruder (2005-2009), VZ800
Marauder (2005-2010), VZR1800 (2006-2010)
 Highly Advanced Technology
Unlike other competitors’ products the GIpro-DS reads the gear position information directly from the ECU, which makes it faster and more reliable than other gear indicators sold today.

 PLUG ‘N PLAY, Hassle free set-up!
There are no buttons, no “programming wires”. The unit is fully automatic.
There’s no need to cut and splice wires, and no need to access several connectors. You only need to connect ONE plug under the seat – it can’t get any easier than this.

 Size does Matter!
Another unique feature is the size. It is the smallest, most compact gear indicator available. Just the perfect size!

 5 display colors
Extra bright, high contrast display which can be seen even in very bright conditions, e.g. direct sunlight. The unit is now available with Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White color display options.

 Simple yet stylish
It has a simple and clear front face which goes along nicely with any OEM/factory instrument panel or aftermarket dash. Less is sometimes more.

 Tough design
The product comes in a rugged, 100% weatherproof housing and with a 2 year replacement warranty.